Spotlight on City of Hope: One Patient’s Perspective

I recently attended the MPN patient conference at City of Hope, Living Well with Myeloproliferative  Neoplasms, facilitated by Andrew Schorr. As a layperson, I often find that I am lost when it comes to understanding the science behind these diseases.

The information, which was presented in a question and answer type format, was easily understood thereby providing patients with much needed answers. “Knowledge is power,” and the more we know the better we are able to manage our diseases.

I found the presenters, Dr. David S Snyder and Dr. Barton Scott to be very informative and easy to understand with their concise yet thorough answers to questions from the audience. Andrew Schorr made the conference interesting and inviting by relating to patients and sharing his own struggles of living with an MPN.

Personally, I felt empowered in connecting to others who share my situation and listening to ways to deal with symptoms of the disease.

(Editor’s note: Photos below are of Robin, her husband, and other attendees at the City of Hope event.)

Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 3.54.10 PM CityOfHope1299 CityOfHope1162 CityOfHope0745 CityOfHope0627 CityOfHope0653 CityOfHope0994 Robin Finkelstein