Spotlight on PAN: Partnering to Empower Patients in a Changing Landscape

As the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation begins its second decade of providing help and hope to patients with chronic and life-threatening illnesses, a new landscape is emerging. New treatments, new diagnostics, and a newly insured population present opportunities and challenges for accessing health care and achieving and maintaining good health. Whether it is understanding a health insurance policy with its co-payment, deductibles and co-insurance; addressing a patient’s day-to-day needs; or accessing a targeted treatment, PAN recognizes that patients and their families will continue to need support not only from safety net programs, but also from patient advocacy and professional organizations.PAN_save_the_Date_7-24_v10

To better understand the changing landscape and its challenges, determine the scope of assistance needed and identify opportunities to empower patients and provide relief and support, the PAN Foundation brought together stakeholders from the patient advocacy and professional communities, pharmaceutical industry and specialty pharmacy for an important dialogue on October 22, 2014. Participants considered the following questions:


–       Are the health care issues we hear and read about what stakeholders are encountering on the ground?

–       Are there best practices or novel solutions that can be shared and implemented?

–       Are there opportunities to partner that will enable each of the organizations to meet the needs of our constituents more comprehensively?


The objectives for the day included:


–       To provide a forum for knowledge transfer, discussion and deliberation about the rapidly changing health care landscape

–       Discern specific implications of current and future health care trends with regard to key stakeholders (patients, advocacy groups, providers, industry and specialty pharmacy)

–       Identify challenges and opportunities for empowering patient s in this changing environment and obtain recommendations for a strategic course of action or actions

–       Determine partnerships needed to proactively improve patients’ health and access to quality care and treatment.


Stay tuned to learn more about the PAN Round Table discussion, what the participants discussed and the conclusions drawn from this important meeting.