First Day at ASH 2014: Thoughts and Takeaways

First Day at ASH14 – Thoughts and Takeaways

Friday was the first day of ASH14, the annual American Society of Hematology conference, taking place this year at Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. The actual program starts on Saturday but Friday was marked by several Patient Advocacy meetings and presentations.

The feeling is, among the patient advocates, that the patient voice is gaining strength but must get stronger still. Patient advocates from Germany, Switzerland, France, Israel, Brazil and many more countries met and discussed issues common to all countries. All hoped for a synergistic approach to patient empowerment and support. Topics discussed were how to improve doctor/patient communication, how to screen for reliable information on the internet, forming partnerships between patient organizations to gain reach and strength,

Some key tweets today reflect topics that will be talked about tomorrow:


Learn how discoveries in RNA bio & immunology contribute to novel therapies at 2 special scientific symposia

Find out how high drug costs influence treatment adherence, quality of life & overall health at the Symposium on Quality

FDA approves Blincyto to treat a rare form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

FDA approves Ruxolitinib for the treatment of patients with Polycythemia Vera

Stay tuned!