Save Yourself a Seat at the Patient Cafe® – Virtual Meet-Up for CLL Patients

Patient Cafe™Are you newly diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia? Would you like to meet others with the same illness? Save yourself a seat at Patient Empowerment Network’s Patient Cafe®, the virtual meet-up for cancer patients.

Now, Patient Empowerment Network is launching this new, innovative and easy way to connect with patients like you. Join the Patient Cafe® and meet other CLL patients in a casual and conversational way. Led by a CLL patient host experienced in communications, you will be able to chat about issues and topics concerning living well with the disease. Meet other CLL patients and share stories and experiences much like you would if you were to meet in a cafe environment.

These meet-ups are easy and casual. We will lead you through the process and soon, you Patient Cafe logowill have your seat at the Patient Cafe®. We use Zoom technology, a user-friendly video conferencing program. In the comfort of your own home, you will be able to meet other patients like you without having to travel at all. Can’t make it to a live patient forum? Can’t leave the house for whatever reason? No worries! Patient Cafe® will come to you.

We are planning Patient Cafe® meet-ups regionally, so that if you do want to meet face to face with other Patient Cafe® participants, you will be able to do so at a later date convenient to you. Patients at our live events have told us time and time again that meeting other patients with the same disease is one of the most valuable aspects of the event. Now, anyone can benefit from this.

So, calling all CLL patients. Save yourself a seat at the Patient Cafe® by signing up here.