Update on Melanoma Town Meeting for Patients Live Streamed!

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Update on Melanoma: Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Medicine was the title of the Patient Empowerment Network town meeting for melanoma patients, families and caregivers.

This meeting took place in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, March 28th. It was live streamed (which is what I did, from my home in Charlottesville, Virginia!) and Carol Preston was a great designated host for the online audience.

The Expert Panel

The Expert Panel

The panel of experts (Dr Wong from USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, Dr Patel from MD Anderson, and Dr Gimbel from Banner/MD Anderson) first discussed the disease of melanoma, its biology and the various treatments possible, including chemotherapy, biochemotherapy, targeted therapies and immuno-therapies.

All doctors agreed that there has been a vast amount of progress in melanoma. What was true yesterday is not true today. Melanoma demands a team approach of possible surgery, radiation, and the various medical therapies. And of course, all patients are different and react differently. Patients have to find the right doctor and the right treatment.Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.24.43 PM

And a call to action from all doctors: melanoma is increasing. In the US, one person every hour dies from melanoma. And this number is increasing. Tell your friends and your peers. Protect your children. And everyone should have their skin checked yearly by a dermatologist.

The panel discussed clinical trials at length. All agreed that trials were a great way for patients to get the latest treatment, but they were different to find and to navigate. “There is work to be done here,” Dr Patel said. Patients should use their doctor, their provider, Patient Advocacy Groups and online sites to find clinical trials that could benefit them.

TJ Sharp and Martha Bishop, both melanoma survivors, joined the panel and spoke about their experience with clinical trials. After several attempts, they both found a clinical trial that was working for them. They are both doing well. They both spoke about their journey, how they had to really research to find the best doctor and the best treatment for them. They emphasized that patients need to be persistent and keep asking questions and finding answers. They have to look for information, understand their disease and make a conscious effort to educate and empower themselves.

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Carol Preston interviews Dr Wong

During the breakout sessions, Carol Preston interviewed both patient panelists and doctor panelists, often soliciting questions from the online audience.

In the afternoon, Rena Szabo, a psychologist at Banner/MD Anderson joined the panel and lifestyle issues were discussed. The importance of leading a balanced lifestyle and having a good support system were emphasized. TJ and Martha agreed that family, faith and hope played a large part in their cancer journey. Living each day at a time was how they got through the early days of the cancer diagnosis. Rena talked about the mind/body connection and how important it was to have a good mental attitude and good social and emotional health while dealing with cancer.

The meeting ended with a Q&A session with questions from the live audience and also from the online viewers.

Click here to see the slides from this event presentation.

Be sure and check back with us on the Update on Melanoma page to view videos from this meeting. Videos will be posted as they are edited.