How Do Clinical Trials Work

How Do Clinical Trials Work?

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Patient Empowerment Network, in association with Patient Power, hosted a town meeting for advanced prostate cancer patients at MD Anderson Cancer Center. This event was attended by over 100 patients, caregivers and family members and live-streamed to an online audience.

During the Q&A period of this meeting, one participant asked the expert panel about clinical trials and how they work. The panel responded by discussing trial availability and eligibility criteria. The town meeting host, Jeff Folloder, a cancer patient, relayed to the panel his experience with clinical trial participation at MD Anderson.

Jeff explained that his medical team at MD Anderson really researched all clinical trials available and picked the best one for him according to his particular situation. Zita Dubauskas, the Physician Assistant on the panel, further explained that during a trial, the patient is very carefully monitored and scrutinized for side effects by numerous other medical personnel and really gets an extra level of medical care.

Watch the video and learn more!

How Do Clinical Trials Work? from Patient Empowerment Network on Vimeo.