After Surgery…Story of a Melanoma Patient

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Surgery is over and done with. I was very nauseous with the drugs they used to “knock me out” but a shot took care of that. I now go back in 7 days to get the results and hopefully news that they managed to get all of the melanoma from my arm. The pain is unreal, I feel like someone has rammed a red hot poker through my arm and into my armpit!! I can’t drive a car for at least a week and I am hoping I’ll be able to use my right arm properly sooner rather than later. At the moment – I just can’t move it too much, without wincing in pain.
At this point, I just can’t stop thinking….melanoma sucks!

A few days later….

My stubbornness is making my healing hard. My husband is forcing me to do nothing, but relax. Kind of hard when all you do is rush round and do stuff for your family. I’m taking Nurofen for the pain, it’s all I had in the hospital. I just don’t want to let the muscles in my arm “seize up” because I’m clutching my right arm to cope with the pain. Slowly does it with this recovery but I’m so frustrated I can’t drive for a week because the doctors and surgeons have said NO to that!

Even though I had my melanoma surgery over a week ago, I’m still taking mild painkillers when the pain gets to me and OH MY GOD…. I feel like my whole body has been through a spin cycle!!!! I have never been this exhausted. Yes I have hypothyroidism and my medication is excellent so I can’t really say I’m “having a thyroid day” I joke, but anyone who suffers with this, knows EXACTLY what I mean. I’m hoping it’s just my body telling me to rest and recover, from the events I’ve been through, with surgery, my husband looked after me and our five year old, son, so well. But I’m back to work on Monday and I pray I can do all of my tasks, including driving our car, without incident or me, feeling overwhelmed with exhaustion.


I got my Melanoma surgery results yesterday and they came back as Stage 1 with no signs of spreading. The surgeon is confident he has cut enough of a margin out of my right arm and of course the Sentinel Node Biopsy to say…. I’m ok!! The plan now, is that I go for checkups, every 3 months for 18 months to be 100% sure it hasn’t spread elsewhere, then I go for checkups every 6 months for 18 months and hopefully get my FIVE YEAR Cancer free “badge”!!!

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The scars I have, will heal in time and always serve as a reminder to be very vigilant and aware of how damaging the sun can be to my skin and body. I wish anyone with skin cancer the very best with your journey to recovery and being Cancer free. I still have some way to go, but I have been lucky with my early detection and early intervention from a fantastic medical team, here in Brisbane Australia. Please get checked, please be safe and know that people are here, to support you!!