Living with the good, bad and the ugly – it’s CANCER!

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I graduated to CT scans every 6 months and all is still good! I guess that is the good news – still cancer free 2 years post-surgery and complications, 1 year post treatment so I guess that all translates to good.

The contrast die made me very sick again and down for a week. I am still incredibly tired and filled with pain and post treatment complications. I am still on antibiotics for chronic UTI and cystitis cystica. Just beginning to ween off the antibiotics hoping that will help decrease the constant nausea.

I have started Pelvic floor rehab. Yes the urologist confirmed that radiation severely damaged the pelvic floor. Have almost finished phase 1 of that therapy and phase 2 of rehab will include core strengthening and back strengthening exercises. Obviously I am hoping those exercises help my pain and endurance issues. I still have trouble walking and standing so I don’t get out on the trails anymore (well rarely) and know that has seriously diminished my life.

My diabetes is back out of control again — so still hating diabetes. Now on short term and long term insulin which sucks! Started a new oral agent hoping it will help some. Lost my diabetes educator and left with one I refuse to go back to as she said I was out of options. My doc thinks it is all just too complicated for her. Ya well try July TDliving it!

I am so tired and having a hard time keeping the attitude optimistic. Somehow the “cancer free” euphoria is replaced with what else did they damage getting me here. I thought with other chronic health issues I would have some control over this but the difference is I never have a good day, never have the energy to do things and feel overwhelmed most of the time.

Spring is here finally and even 5 minutes at a time working in the yard and being outside helps. With any luck gardening may help me regain lost strength and maybe I can begin to improve.

Sorry to be so negative but I am just tired of dealing with medical stuff. If this is as good as it gets I might be able to accept that but hate going to the doctor and finding new problems, continuing problems and yet to be resolved problems. Like I said…learning to live with the good, the bad and the ugly! Be well!