Chemo and NHL…

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Chemo and NHL…

I’m 21 studying Art at a University. I have recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma Non-Hodgkin’s. Trying to kick cancer in the butt. Staying positive and taking advantage of my family while being sick. Five months of treatment left to go!!

Oct TDMy experience with chemo so far…

It’s been three days since I had my second session of chemotherapy. The vomiting hit me like a brick on the first day but gradually got better. My only issue is I can’t seem to get out of bed. I feel very restricted because my body feels weak. It’s quite annoying, and I feel like I need a push to get out of bed and onto my desk and do some work! Since being diagnosed, I have thought a lot about finally getting the chance to chop all my hair off. Funny enough I have always wanted to donate my hair to a cancer cause, now I got the cancer.

After my first chemo session I had a shower and washed my hair, I completely forgot that you start losing your hair by then and whilst showering a bit of my hair came out so I said Oh my god but I was still smiling. Next minute it’s like something you see in the movies, a whole lot of it comes out and before I knew it there I was crying for the first time since being diagnosed because of hair loss. The hair loss got to me.

I don’t think you realize how depressing it is seeing your hair come out like that, and every day I have the urge to brush it just because I know its falling like crazy. I look in the mirror all the time wondering who is that person staring back until I put my hand on my head and realize. Sounds cliché I know. Unfortunately I promised my sister I would wait to go bald with her which is in less than 2 weeks. I give it a few days till I’ve got no hair. Oh well.

Sometimes I feel like I have so much to say but forget it. I’ve been feeling quite stressed lately with how I’m wasting my time. I keep thinking I need to do quite a few things and should write things down on my to-do list but I never get around to doing things. I have so much in mind that I want to accomplish but feel like I need a routine to get around to it. I’m taking a course which should start this Thursday and I’m hoping it would push me to get on with things. I really need that big push… And a schedule!