Clara Health – #PatientsHavePower

We are proud to announce that we are official participants in the Patients Have Power campaign run by Clara Health. Clara Health believes that all patients should have the power to access the most advanced healthcare available. But they understand that getting started on the journey can be overwhelming. So, they built Clara to be the simplest, fastest, most patient-friendly way to connect you to the newest treatment options.

This campaign is a Boston based initiative aligning the world’s epicenter of healthcare around one message: Patients Have Power. The movement is comprised of patients, caregivers, allies, nurses, doctors, researchers, members of the healthcare workforce and anyone and everyone who believes in patient power all around the world.

Patient Empowerment Network believe patients should be empowered with the knowledge and resources they need to hold the ultimate power in their healthcare journey and are proud to say that we live the mantra: Patients Have Power.

Interested in getting involved? Show your support by participating in the following:

  1. Declare your support: Join our #PatientsHavePower campaign on Twitter. Click to tweet.
  2. Join the Thunder: Add your voice on Thunderclap to help the message spread! Register here.
  3. Twitter Chat: Join the #PatientsHavePower chat on Thursday, September 7 at 3:00 PM EST.
  4. Patients Have Power Signs: On Thursday, September 7 take a picture of yourself holding up a Patients Have Power sign and share on social media.