Men's Health Month: 4 Healthy Ways To Get Ready For Summer

Men’s Health Month: 4 Healthy Ways To Get Ready For Summer

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National Men’s Health month is right before the start of summer. The start of a new season is a great time to make changes and do the little things that can really make a difference in your life. Often these tweaks are very minor, but the reward can be life saving. Men typically have a hard time getting to the doctors, even when they have a serious condition. Up to 60% of men will avoid seeking medical attention. With that being said, the goal should be to promote general well being and prevention for any kind of issue before it starts!

Eat Your Vegetables

The easiest way to make changes for your body is to switch up your diet, that starts with eating more vegetables! No matter how you get them (smoothies, salads, juice), it is best to try to have 2.5 cups a day. Broccoli is packed with antioxidants that helps to fight prostate cancer and is loaded with vitamin K, Fiber, Potassium. According to HealthyEating.Org, “As if that’s not enough, a cup of cooked broccoli offers as much vitamin C as an orange, and is a good source of beta-carotene. Broccoli contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc too. It also provides fiber and is low in calories.”

Catch Some ZZZ’s

On average, men need at least 7-9 hours of sleep to be at their best. Lack of sleep can lead to many chronic diseases and conditions. From diabetes to cardiovascular disease, sleep is nothing to sleep on. Setting your alarm back one hour has so many benefits. When you have more sleep, you are able to manage your weight better. When you are exhausted you will look for other sources of energy, typically through food. This can cause an overload of calories. A good mattress can make a big difference as well. Sleepholic says, “The ideal mattress is often medium-firm memory foam, latex, or coil spring to ensure you are well supported. At the same time, the ideal mattress provides enough cushion and plush to feel soft and comfortable to your body parts depending on personal factors such as weight, sleeping style and position, and so on.”


Mental health is not a topic that men often discuss, however it is extremely important. Mind and body go hand and hand. Between pressure at work, financial struggles, and relationship issues, stress can cause really impact a person in a negative way. Headspace is an app that offers short meditations, anywhere from five to twenty minutes that help to lower anxiety, decrease stress, and promote mindfulness. Depending on whatever you are going through, there are meditations for just about everything. In only a fraction of time, you will be able to improve focus and feel better about yourself.

Don’t Shy Away

Being intimate with your partner is very important as well. It helps to release stress, sleep better, and lower the chances of prostate cancer. As men age, performance can become an issue at times. Many different reasons come into play, from medications to stress, the inability to execute can be difficult. Hims offers an interesting way to combat this issue. You are able to connect with online physicians, who after answering a few questions will discreetly send you product. It helps to relax blood vessels and encourage blood throw throughout the body. You will be feeling more confident and satisfied.

All in all, even though men tend to put their health concerns to the side, now is more important than ever. Make small changes, which will in return have a big impact. You only have one body and it is up to you to take care of it!