Christian Gardner

Christian has been working in digital platform build and online communications roles for the past 10 years, across a range of industries and companies, but with a major focus on healthcare. His life and work has given him a truly global perspective – starting working life in London and delivering projects throughout Europe, the US and the Middle East and now in New Zealand having worked with a range of companies in Australia.
In the early part of his career Christian worked as part of a global Research and Development communications team at AstraZeneca and quickly realized the challenges, but more importantly rewards of being able to communicate complex science digitally. Since then he’s worked for both content and creative agencies to help a range of healthcare organizations tell their stories – whether it’s to scientists, the media or people living with diseases.
Christian – now based in New Zealand – is currently working at a digital agency in Auckland called Heyday. The agency services a whole host of industries beyond just healthcare, which has been a great reminder of exactly what’s possible digitally, without some of the regulatory and compliance hurdles healthcare can throw at us! This step outside of working solely in the healthcare industry has given Christian a fresh perspective on digital best practice and hopes to bring some of that thinking back into the healthcare industry in future.