How Long-Distance Communication Benefits Doctors and Patients

How Long-Distance Communication Benefits Doctors and Patients

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Technology has changed medicine as we know it. Not only have surgical and diagnostic procedures been revolutionized in incredible ways, but so has the communication process between doctor and patient.  The days of having to sit in a crowded waiting room to seek advice from a doctor are long over, as remote patient monitoring software is making it easier than ever before for doctors and patients to communicate from afar. Long-distance communication is as beneficial to doctors as it is to patients, especially in times when social isolation is required because of infectious disease or in the case of natural disasters.

Benefits of remote communication

By communicating via a dedicated application, the risk of person-to-person contamination is reduced drastically which I of immense benefit to patients with compromised immune systems.  It also allows patients and doctors to honor appointments regardless of unforeseen circumstances such as out-of-town travels and other obligations. There are a number of quality applications available that boasts superb features such as crystal clear audio and video transmission and even multiple-provider integration.  Apart from enabling patients to get remote medical assistance, these applications also permit medical practitioners to attend to more patients in a day and even keep to irregular working hours with increased ease.

Medici connects providers with patients

Medici is a popular U.S.-based, HIPPA-compliant application that connects doctors and patients through video chat and text. One of the biggest appeals of Medici is that it does not merely function as an online hospital but rather connects patients with their own doctors.  Through the app a doctor is able to diagnose ePrescribe, bill, and eRefer from anywhere in the world. A patient can easily set up a useful network of doctors, therapists, dentists, and even veterinarians and get diagnoses, advice, and prescriptions issued without leaving home. The Medici platform has proven to be especially beneficial during the cold & flu season as well as during periods of extreme weather. The Medici app can be downloaded for free via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

MeMD provides online medical consultations

The innovative MeMD application allows patients to connect with physicians, nurses, and physician assistants in order to save time when dealing with minor health concerns ranging from bronchitis and diarrhea to anxiety and eating disorders. The specialists consulting on MeMD can also write prescriptions for medications as permitted by the various state laws. These prescriptions can be collected from the patient’s nearest participating pharmacy. Apart from issuing prescriptions, MeMD also offers subscribers 24/7 service access and real-time video examinations and will readily assist in finding a participating pharmacy nearby. At present, the cost of a MeMD consultation is in the region of $60, and the app is available for download from both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Technology is making long-distance communication between doctors and patients easier than ever before. For the first time ever it is possible to be diagnosed and issued with a prescription without having to leave the house.