Building Resilience and Boosting Immunity #patientchat Highlights

Building Resilience and Boosting Immunity #patientchat Highlights

Last week, we hosted our second Virtual Empowered #patientchat. The Virtual Empowered #patientchat was a moderated 45-minute conversation conducted online via Zoom and Facebook Live along with a lively discussion on Twitter. Below you will find the highlights from the online events and highlights from the conversation on Twitter.

Virtual #patientchat Highlights


“We can’t talk about frustrations without talking about resilience because that’s really how we manage these frustrations, how we bounce back, how we maintain our mental health and our physical health during these difficult times”

– Dr. Rochester

What is Resilience?

“Resilience really is about coming home to ourselves, to our center. We want to accept ourselves where we are, shine a light of awareness and sensitivity on ourselves with tenderness and with love. That’s what mindfulness can do for us.” – Broderick

“We all have things in life we have to deal with. What are the silver linings, what are the hidden blessings? Resilience really is how to jump back into your life” – Jill

How Do We Build Resilience?

“When i first was diagnosed, I did a lot of Bible journaling and some quiet inward time to think about it, and that really helped. Building community is a real big part. You need to connect with your family, your friends, and the people that are out there and let them help you. Focusing on personal health, things like yoga and meditation are huge, eating well.” – Jill

Boosting Immunity


  • Forest Bathing
  • Getting out into Nature
  • Dancing with “IV”
  • One step at a time

Eating Well

  • Dinner with family
  • Phase out added sugar
  • Smoothie game: Guess what’s in this one!

Stress Reduction

  • Breathing exercises
  • Mitigating suffering added by your own mind
  • Mindful acceptance and non-judgment

A Timeless Call to Action

It’s a matter of picking up the pieces, looking forward, and figuring out what you need to do next and what’s important to you. Be true to yourself… Cancer or any serious life-threatening thing really puts it in perspective. What you want to do with the rest of your life? – Gerri

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“Current me is where the fun is”

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Resilience Comes from Hope

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The Present is the Only Thing We Can Control

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