Honora Miller

Honora Miller

Myeloma Network Manager

Honora Miller is a Myeloma patient, diagnosed at age 49 in 2015. She is currently in remission with ongoing monthly maintenance chemotherapy after receiving several lines of treatment including a stem cell transplant. A trained social worker and mediator, she is now on disability and in the process of adapting to a “new normal” that does not enable her to continue to work professionally. She focuses on intentional efforts to be as healthy as she can be, both physically and emotionally, while enjoying quality time with her family. Maintaining a positive outlook, continually educating herself about Myeloma, and learning how to be an effective self-advocate, have been crucial to managing what has been a life-changing diagnosis. Honora holds a Masters of Social Service Degree and a Masters in Law and Social Policy from the Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work. She has a Bachelors Degree in English with a Minor in Sociology from Temple University and studied Sociology & Anthropology and Women’s Studies at Swarthmore College. She is passionate about patient empowerment as well as sharing information and experiences with other Myeloma patients and caregivers to help us all achieve the best quality of life possible. Honora is delighted to serve as the Myeloma Network Manager for the Patient Empowerment Network.

Connect with Honora Miller, our Multiple Myeloma Network Manager honora@powerfulpatients.org

What type of cancer and stage?

A: Multiple Myeloma stage 2; diagnosed in 2015 at age 49.

What was your treatment path?

A: Induction treatment: Cytoxan, Velcade, and Dexamethasone for 16 weeks followed by Revlimid, Velcade, and Dexamethasone (four days due to allergic reaction.) Underwent stem cell transplant. 

Maintenance: Velcade. 18-month remission

Second-line treatment: Darzalex IV – 33 months and counting. Acyclovir daily to prevent shingles. Pain medicine to manage joint-pain. Anti-nausea medicine to manage nausea from chemo. 

As a PEN Network Manager, what are your interests and how are you helping other patients?

A: I seek to learn all that I can about Myeloma treatment options and optimal patient care strategies so that I can be the healthiest version of myself. I believe that sharing information and tools with other patients along with encouraging a positive outlook is key to fostering a sense of empowerment among patients. I share portions of my experience that are relevant to others via blog posts, social media, and participating in panel interviews. 

How has cancer affected your life?

A: Cancer has affected my life profoundly. As a result of the side effects of the stem cell transplant, I am unable to continue working in my profession. I manage significant fatigue, joint pain, and cognitive impairment including challenges with memory, word-finding, multitasking, and concentration. I receive ongoing chemotherapy monthly to manage my cancer. One of the great blessings of cancer is the extra time that I now have to spend with my teenage son and husband. I am also able to spend a lot of time exercising daily and time volunteering weekly in support of other Myeloma patients.

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