Summer Golden and Jeff Bushnell

Summer Golden and Jeff Bushnell

MPN Empowerment Leads

Summer Golden and Jeff Bushnell have been married for over 20 years. When Summer was diagnosed with myelofibrosis (MF), Jeff took on the role of care partner and advocate. Summer uses her years of theatre training and comedy to cope with her condition and help others, while maintaining positivity about the future. Summer shares, “we own, and run, the North Park Vaudeville theater. Jeff handles business and directing. I direct an acting program for actors with disabilities, act, and do comedy.” Jeff is a retired Air Force Colonel and airline pilot. He is a musician and nature photographer as well as care provider for the love of his life, his wife Summer. They have found that continuing to enjoy life and your goals is extremely important medicine in dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

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Jeff Featured in Cure Today

What type of cancer and stage?

A. Myelofibrosis


What was your treatment path?

A. Jakafi


As a PEN Empowerment Lead, what are your interests and how are you helping other patients?

A. Show others that, for me, comedy gives me control over my life.


Most frequently asked question: How has cancer affected your life?

A. Appreciate each day.  Only real change is needing to get more sleep

How do you define a caregiver?

A: One who does whatever is needed to help the patient.  The most important ability to have is the ability to listen to the patients’ needs and concerns.


As a PEN Empowerment Lead, what are your interests and how are you helping other patients?

A: I feel the most important thing I can do is to try and help others realize that a cancer diagnosis can help you realize that living life for each moment is one of the most important things one can do. Don’t let the disease control your life, but stay in control of your life.

The Importance of Living in the Moment
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