This February, please nominate PEN for a $5,000 grant

Patient Empowerment Network has the opportunity to be considered for a ‘baby grant’ in the amount of $5,000 from glassybaby, a Seattle-based manufacturer of glassware and candle holders which directs a portion of their profits to charity.  

This month of February, they are focusing their grants on nonprofits which support cancer patients. 

To be considered, PEN must be nominated—ideally from a variety of submissions. If you’re in a position to help our nomination process, below you’ll find glassybaby’s instructions. You can create your message from scratch, or, modify one of the sample messages we’ve provided below. You’ll also find a link to images you can use.   


Post a picture to your Facebook or Instagram page along with a caption (200  words or less) that describes why Patient Empowerment Network “deserves a  little more light” and includes the hashtag #glassybabybabygrants 

Your social media caption’s message (see below for example) should include: 

  • How PEN’s work furthers glassybaby’s giving mission, 
  • An example of PEN’s impact 
  • Your own relationship to the organization 


Email with your nomination message about why  PEN “deserves a little more light”.