Making the Hard Decision to Move Forward

Making the Hard Decision to Move Forward

It may not come as a surprise to many of you that making new changes in your life can be difficult. And it is the natural human tendency to procrastinate even when we know that taking that first step will lead to better outcomes. Indecision can be costly, physically, financially, and mentally. This new environment in which we suddenly find ourselves is a testament to the need to make fast and drastic changes as our very lives depend on it.  And we have to manage this unfamiliar ever-changing changing COVID environment for some time to come. And for those of you who are immunocompromised, they may be even higher. 

Now, let’s take a look at another life and death struggle that we are in every day that takes up much of our time, energy, and leaves us stressed. The fear of financial ruin. What I have found is that even in the best of times, we don’t want to recognize our financial weaknesses, no matter how they have come about. And there is something to be said about being careful with that information. Now with the national and global financial volatility we find ourselves in with no foreseeable bottom or end in sight, not speaking to someone about your financial concerns and addressing them can leave you in a more desperate financial situation than you may already find yourselves in.  


I find it challenging to help anyone who has questions they want to ask but don’t know how when they should ask, or even know what questions to ask. Let me reassure you, I am available to help you navigate your financial lives. I am an advocate for you, not the hospital, not the treatment center, not your doctor, but for you. I endeavor to help prevent and or reduce financial stress/toxicity which is the predominant concern when dealing with a chronic illness. If you feel that paying for your medications, or medical treatment bills is putting a strain on your finances, please call me. Even if you feel everything is manageable now but may become difficult in the future, call me. Don’t wait until the bottom falls out to seek help. You may have had your treatment changed as a result of not being able to go into the doctor’s office for treatment. (intravenous vs oral meds). Is this new treatment going to cost you more?  

Now that some people are beginning to be more open to seeing their doctors, a sad reality is showing itself. Some of these people who put off important follow-up visits, tests, or initial visits due to COVID exposure fears or increased costs-share burden, are finding themselves in more dire physical condition. Perhaps other illnesses have worsened or a new illness in a more advanced stage.  

Let’s not become a statistic. Having a conversation with a financial professional can reassure you that you are on the right track or reveal weaknesses in your financial armor that can be addressed. Getting in front of your healthcare expenses, being proactive in your insurance plans, and making sure your financial goals are secure is one of the most important steps to not only meeting your household financial obligations but your healthcare objectives as well.