What MPN Side Effects Can Be Monitored With Telemedicine

What MPN Side Effects Can Be Monitored With Telemedicine?

What MPN Side Effects Can Be Monitored With Telemedicine? from Patient Empowerment Network on Vimeo.

For myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN) patients, what are some side effects that can be monitored via telemedicine? ExpertDr. Jamile Shammofrom Rush University Medical Center shares the types of symptom monitoring that can be carried out virtually – and shares a specific piece of MPN monitoring that she recommends be performed regularly in-person for ideal care. 

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Dr. Jamile Shammo: 

MPN patients can be monitored remotely because clearly, a big part of their monitoring relates to symptom assessment, and so there are certain symptom assessment forms that we would do in the clinic just as well as we will do online or via virtual visits. So these can be done, again, when two people are speaking to one another, so granted these have to be performed, and then like I said, talking about the labs would also be done in a virtual fashion, the only piece that is missing, like I said, would be the physical exam, for that reason, I feel like that part has to be assessed at certain intervals that would have to be determined by the treating physician, but symptom assessments is a very big case of taking care of patients who have MPN. That certainly can be done virtually.