Which States Have Oral Parity Laws?

Which States Have Oral Parity Laws?

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Which States Have Oral Parity Laws? from Patient Empowerment Network on Vimeo.

Ashira Vantrees, JD of Aimed Alliance discuss which states have oral parity laws and how to learn more.  

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Mary Leer:  

What states have laws that cover something like oral parity? 

 Ashira Vantrees:  

Yeah, there’s actually quite a few. There’s currently over 40 states that have passed oral parity legislation, and also the District of Columbia has passed oral parity legislation. Aimed Alliance also has an oral parity fact sheet on his website, that’s a really good resource for individuals trying to learn more about this issue, and the fact sheet covers oral parity like we just discussed it, and really why there is a need for federal legislation and in the coming months we’re also creating oral parity mapping on our website, so we’ll have updated maps that are going to be a great resource for patients, that are going to show you where oral parity laws have been enacted and in what state legislators there is currently oral per legislation. 

 Mary Leer:

Wow, I can’t wait to tell people about this because I didn’t have oral chemo, and I think about during covid, like how that would have been a choice of preference, and then not realizing you get hit with that extra expense.