Top Two Multiple Myeloma Advances in 2022

Top Two Multiple Myeloma Advances in 2022

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What are the top two multiple myeloma advances in 2022? In the “Myeloma Treatment & Research Updates From 2022 ASCO and EHA Meetings” program, expert Dr. Krina Patel from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center shares promising news and research highlights from these important conferences. 


The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2022 conference had a highly anticipated multiple myeloma session with an update about the impact of stem cell transplants. The DETERMINATION study spent over 10 years studying patient outcomes for those who received a stem cell transplant when they were newly diagnosed versus those who didn’t receive a transplant. Researchers were encouraged by the data that showed those who received a transplant at diagnosis kept their myeloma at bay in progression-free survival mode for 21 months longer than those who didn’t receive transplant at diagnosis. In addition, patients who received a stem cell transplant at the point of their second remission experience a long period of progression-free survival or myeloma hibernation.

2. Antigen Studies

Studies on antigens, or sort of flags on multiple myeloma, examined new ways to target myeloma treatment. Researchers discovered the new antigens of FcHR5 and GPRC5D provide novel methods to attack the multiple myeloma. Clinical studies can now look at developing new treatments to attack these antigens. These discoveries are especially important and hopeful for multiple myeloma patients who’ve already received B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA) treatment and then relapse, since BCMA has been the focus of the antigen treatment approach.

Multiple myeloma researchers at the ASCO and EHA conferences have discovered exciting findings and hope for the future of myeloma care. The studies revealed advances for improving care options and for extending progression-free survival periods. If you want to learn more about multiple myeloma care and treatments, check out our multiple myeloma information.