What Advances in Cancer Care Relate to Digital Health

What Advances in Cancer Care Relate to Digital Health?

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What Advances in Cancer Care Relate to Digital Health? from Patient Empowerment Network on Vimeo.

How has digital health brought advances in cancer care? Expert Dr. AnaMaria Lopez from Sidney Kimmel  Cancer Center discusses cancer care advances and benefits from telemedicine, remote monitoring, and the re-emergence of a traditional patient care option.

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Lisa Hatfield: 

So, Dr Lopez, I’d like to start with you to talk about cancer care and technology and how far we’ve come with technology and cancer care. We’ve made a fair number of strides in cancer care as they relate to digital health. Can you speak to that a bit?

Dr. AnaMaria Lopez:

Sure. I always say that the COVID pandemic allowed us to advance telehealth in a couple of months what probably would have taken 70 years. So we went from maybe 10 percent of the visits being done through tele to 90 percent plus. So a huge, huge change, and a lot of lessons learned, both in the, how do we do it clinically as well as how do we integrate this? How do we integrate this into clinical trials and to move beyond? We really thought telemedicine and really thinking telehealth because there are so many technologies, so there could be monitors, there could be…a lot of us were doing work in patient-recorded outcomes, how do you integrate that? How do you make it easy for patients to use this? And maybe it’s not simply the patient, but it’s also the patient and the caregiver who can help with this reporting. What are really the implementation efforts that need to be done? I could go on and on because there are so many lessons learned, and it really shook things up. So people are thinking of this as a new technological revolution. So technology plays a big role in care and certainly a very big role in cancer care.

Lisa Hatfield: 

And just out of curiosity, Dr Lopez, do you have a lot of your patients who still continue to see you via digital health or telehealth, who prefer that?

Dr. AnaMaria Lopez: 

Yes. Yeah. For example, in some of the psychiatry literature, which I think is a little bit unexpected because you think psychiatry is such an intimate interaction. Well, a lot of patients actually feel safer when it’s digital, when it’s through tele. So yeah, I do. And we were talking earlier about doing integrative medicine, and almost all of my integrative medicine patients, we do at a distance. I really think of it as it’s a way to bring back the house call.

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