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Psychosocial and Emotional Impact of Cancer: Change on Career Plans

As young cancer patients, we have to endure more than our disease, but the life changes that come with it. One of the changes may be a change in career […]

From Network Managers to Empowerment Leads

 At Patient Empowerment Network (PEN), we believe it is our duty as advocates to reach as many patients as possible by creating and curating relevant content. This includes our PEN-Powered […]

The Basics and “Why They Aren’t The Basics” of Clinical Trials

We’ve all heard about clinical trials, especially with the recent pandemic (for which there are still ongoing trials available!). But it’s not always intuitive on how to find trials, how […]

There’s an App for That…Or There Should Be: Utilizing Technology for Better Health Outcomes

Health literacy has always been a passion project of mine ever since I was diagnosed with cancer. I stand by the notion that plain language and clear communication leads to […]

Finding Value in Your Care: Take Action Checklist

1. Am I getting the best care or even offered the best?   Is the care appropriate for my age? My condition? Am I being given more than one option, […]

Is This for Real? Discerning Health Information Across the Web

Googling something is easy. Researching a topic and finding well-sourced, credible information is another story, especially in the healthcare sector. As we’ve learned through the pandemic, there’s a ton of […]

Managing Medical Mistrust: Creating a Healthy, Trust-Based System

If there’s anything “positive” that has come out of the pandemic, it’s that it has brought to light the many disparities that are still prevalent in healthcare. These have translated […]

Involving Patients in their Care: The Clinical Trial and Drug Development Processes

Patient involvement in every facet of healthcare is incredibly important in creating better patient outcomes. I believe this is especially true in the rare and chronic disease communities, including cancer. […]

Empowering One Another: Helping Your Healthcare Team Help You 

Life is all about making choices, and I think the same could be said about cancer in some capacity. If we take the time to think about it, we have […]

Coming Into Your Own: Receiving Support as an AYA Cancer Patient

When I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2017 and again in 2021, I wasn’t told about the vast amount of online and in-person support groups or social media tools […]

Guiding the Cancer Community: What It Means to be a Patient Leader

We all have leaders we look up to, whether it be a friend, family member, mentor, or coach. In the patient community, we also have people we look up to […]

Survivor or Surviving? Deciphering the Words Used to Describe Cancer Patients

National Cancer Survivors Day is a day to be celebrated by all cancer patients, whether you were just diagnosed or you’re well into remission. But what if you’ve faced cancer more […]

Embracing Telehealth: Protecting Our Data in a Medical Revolution

The world changed when the pandemic came upon us, and so did healthcare. Telehealth visits with our care teams were available, but not as prevalent as they are now. We […]

Care on the Rise: A Look at 2021 Healthcare Trends 

With 2021 now in full swing, there are many healthcare trends to watch out for, as COVID-19 has brought to light many nuances of healthcare, including health disparities and inequity. […]

A New “New Normal”: COVID-19 Vaccine Guidelines and Cancer Patients 

Editor’s Note: This blog was updated 1/31/22 to reflect current vaccine guidelines. As we enter the 1-year mark of living in a pandemic, there have been a lot of changes […]