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Your Guide: How a Proactive Cancer Patient Tackles Lymphedema

Patients and caregivers are often consumed in the weeks after diagnosis with learning medical jargon, interpreting data, and understanding their options. Lymphedema is one of many new terms they may hear, and their medical provider may not spend much time discussing this potential post-treatment affliction. Understandably, treating cancer is the priority. However, lymphedema is a […]

Confused About Immunotherapy and Its Side Effects? You Aren’t Alone

“You don’t look like you have cancer.” More than one patient undergoing immunotherapy to treat cancer has reported hearing statements like that. Immunotherapy is one of the recent advances in cancer treatment that belie the stereotypes about the effects of cancer treatment.  The side effects of immunotherapy are different from those associated with chemotherapy and […]

Patient Profile: Perseverance and Positive Thinking Helped This Young Mother

Cancer is a stealthy assailant. Symptoms can be nonexistent or masquerade as some other ailment. When a medical professional utters the “C” word, the shock can be intense. “I had no idea,” said Lindsay Hutchings of the softball-sized tumor that had been growing in her chest behind her breastbone. “I just knew I didn’t feel […]

Before You Share Your Cancer Diagnosis at Work

When Marybeth heard the word “cancer” she felt like the floor had fallen out from under her. She had a million questions. So many, in fact, she was too overwhelmed to ask a single one the day she was diagnosed. However, as she absorbed the diagnosis and read the materials her doctor had given her, […]