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Home Safety Tips for People with Cancer

Cancer and its treatment can cause you to feel fatigued, dizzy, and weak. They both can contribute to a loss of balance and an increased risk of infection. Needless to […]

How to Comprehensively Explain a Medical Bill to a Patient

Talking about difficult medical situations and finances can be challenging for anyone. When a patient is suffering or attempting to process a potentially traumatic medical condition, it’s understandable they might […]

How Treatment Side Effects Impact Mental Health and Decision-Making

Cancer is a long, hard road that no one wants to travel down. When it strikes you, though, being strong is no longer an option, but a necessity. You are […]

Transportation Solutions for People With Cancer Who Can’t Drive

For people with cancer, transportation can be a major issue. While everyday trips like going to the store or running errands can be difficult enough, transportation becomes a bigger issue […]

Breaching Cultural Barriers in Cancer Caregiving

Humanity is diverse with no two persons being alike. We all face our own struggles, we all have our own ways of handling the hardships life throws at us. While […]

3 Ways for Patients to Feel Refreshed Throughout the Day

People with cancer have to go through indescribable situations. On top of dealing with regular physical treatments, everything from a diagnosis to spending a lot of time in a hospital […]