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This is a health equity project organized by Diverse Health Hub.

“We — as physicians and society more generally — must realize that the struggles of one marginalized community are struggles of all of us.” – Dr Altaf Saaid

According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, research shows that the impact of race on health comes largely from differences in access to resources and opportunities that can hurt or enhance health. Additionally, researchers have found that racial and ethnic discrimination can negatively affect health across lifetimes and generations.

It’s one thing to read about and research healthcare disparities but it is something entirely different to live with these inequities.

There is a role for each of us to play in making sure healthcare is accessible to everyone regardless of where they live or the color of their skin. Ensuring that healthcare systems, comprised of doctors, nurses, hospitals, researchers, scientists and countless others, are representative of and accessible to everyone is essential to addressing and overcoming health disparities and advancing healthcare for everyone. Diversity in clinical trials is critical to ensuring that new treatments are safer and more effective for everyone.

That’s why Patient Empowerment Network has partnered with Diverse Health Hub to provide a variety of perspectives on health inequality and, importantly, what each of us can do to educate and empower ourselves to #EndRacism.

We invite you to watch the video, read the blog, and engage with us as we work to advance our mission to empower ALL patients and care partners at every step of their cancer journey.

Watch Diverse Perspectives on #EndRacism

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

What Do You Think Is the Root Cause of Racism in America?

What are the root cause of racism in America? Watch as people from diverse backgrounds share their perspectives as part of our #EndRacism campaign.

Do You Think Racism Is at the Heart of Health Disparities?

What are some of the origins of health disparities in America, and how do they manifest in healthcare settings? Watch as people from diverse backgrounds share their views as part of our #EndRacism campaign.

Can You Share a Time When You Were Discriminated Against?

What does discrimination against you feel like? Watch as people from diverse backgrounds share their experiences as part of our #EndRacism campaign. 

What Do Those From the Outside See Regarding George Floyd? 

How do those outside the U.S. feel about the treatment of George Floyd? Watch as a couple from Portugal share their thoughts as part of our #EndRacism campaign.

Why Has Racism Been Normalized Around the World?

What are some reasons why racism has become normalized? Watch as people from diverse backgrounds share their views and experiences as part of our #EndRacism campaign.

How Do You Engage and Teach Children About Racism?  

What are some ways we can engage with children and teach them about racism? Watch as people from diverse backgrounds share their ideas as part of our #EndRacism campaign.

What’s the First Step in Erasing Racism?

How can we move forward to start to erase racism? Watch as people from diverse backgrounds share their perspectives as part of our #EndRacism campaign

How Can We Collectively and Globally End Racism?  

How can we work both collectively and globally to end racism? Watch as people from diverse backgrounds share their views as part of our #EndRacism campaign.

Stand in solidarity, and advocate for equality in your community today.

Racism is responsible for worse health outcomes. It is our collective responsibility to acknowledge and address these disparities to improve the lives of many under-served people across the world.

Tamara Lobban-Jones

“Racism fuels health disparites on a global scale.”

Tamara Lobban-Jones


Read: Racism and Health – The Disparity Intersection

Racism is a public health crisis that breeds immeasurable disparities for people of color,  disproportionately affecting their health outcomes. We cannot change the direction for our future generations unless we collectively acknowledge, understand and discuss racism. To get at the core, we gather multicultural perspectives abroad and within the US by asking some of these essential questions:

What do you think is the root cause of racism in America? For those abroad, what do you see from the outside looking in regarding George Floyd and all the blacks that died from police before him? With respect to what we see during this pandemic, do you think racism is at the heart of health disparities?

What’s the first step in erasing racism? Our partner, Diverse Health Hub, digs deeper into the critical questions that hold enormous weight for the future.

Health Disparities

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“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist.” – Angela Davis

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“Racism is at the heart of health disparities since we can see there’s a big gap between the people of color and white people in terms of how they get treated if they get COVID.”

Esteban Izquierdo


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