You’re Invited! We hope you’ll join us for our next Empowered #patientchat as we discuss common healthcare myths.

Health care is a topic that inflames passions. Everyone has an opinion on how to fix or improve medical care. Unfortunately, we don’t always get the facts straight. Tune in to see if you know the truth behind these common health care myths.

Guiding our discussion will be the following Topic (T#:) Questions:

T1: FACT or MYTH: Few health decisions are appropriate for Shared Decision-Making (SDM).

T2: FACT or MYTH: Technology is the center of healthcare transformation.

T3: FACT or MYTH: It takes years of education and training to deal with health issues.

T4: FACT or MYTH: Clinical Trials should only be considered as a last resort.

T5: What can we do to dispel some of these common myths?

We hope to see you Friday, October 20th on Twitter (or at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern. Be sure to include the hashtag #patientchat in all your responses!

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