Researchers rely on clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy of new approaches to cancer care in order to generate research and greater progress in treatment developments for patients. Many cancer patients feel that the clinical trial process is in need of a serious makeover. One of them is Jim Omel. Jim, a retired oncologist Iiving with multiple myeloma, turned patient advocate, makes it his business to understand myeloma from the inside out. He joins this program to share his experience in clinical trials and how he learned about his vulnerabilities as a cancer patient.

Also joining the discussion is, Dr. Michael Thompson, medical director for the Early Phase Cancer Research Program at the Aurora Research Institute and an active clinical researcher developing new treatments, particularly early phase (Phase I and II) molecular biomarker-driven clinical trials.

Join us for a meeting of the minds on debunking myths around clinical trials. How are patients protected within a trial? Will I as a patient be lost in the clinical trial system? Can I select my own arm in a trial? The questions are endless and, left unanswered, contribute to the barriers to trial enrollment.

Don’t miss this MythBusters program, as we examine barriers both patients and researchers face and how we can all pay it forward. As always, we will take your questions while answering many others.

Join us June 27 @ Noon Pacific/3 PM Eastern to better understand:

  •       How is the clinical trial process today?
  •       How has the process evolved?
  •       How are the trials reviewed?
  •       What is a “washout?”
  •       How are patients protected in the clinical trial setting?
  •       How can I prioritize my options when there are several trials I meet the criteria for?

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Guest Speakers



Mike Thompson, MD, PhD

Medical Director for the Early Phase Cancer Research Program, Patient-Centered Research

Aurora Research Institute


James Omel, MD

Patient advocate


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