Hope and Progress for Multiple Myeloma

The landscape of multiple myeloma treatment and research is constantly evolving. Researchers are more hopeful than ever about the options for treatment and understanding of this complex disease. The latest advances in research are making a difference and improving the lives of those living with multiple myeloma. On Saturday, July 11, in Houston, TX Patient […]

LIVE Webinar: Exercising With Multiple Myeloma

Staying in Tip-Top Shape Is exercise especially important for multiple myeloma patients? How do you exercise if you have myeloma? In this program, myeloma experts and patients weigh in. Hear from 25-year myeloma survivor, Jim Bond. Initially, he was given two years, at most, to live. Today, he is an active cyclist in remission and […]

LIVE Webinar: Multiple Myeloma-Friendly Dieting

Sifting Through Science vs. Hype Is there a diet myeloma patients should adhere to? Is there a link between myeloma and diabetes? How do you sift through science vs. hype? On this Living Well With Myeloma program, experts and patients lead a discussion focused on how to eat when you are living with myeloma. Join us online on Tuesday, […]

LIVE Webinar – Understanding Advancements in Treating Myeloma

Is the future getting brighter for patients living with multiple myeloma? What advances are on the horizon, and what population of patients will benefit? There is a lot changing in the myeloma world, including newer agents, breakthroughs for relapsed myeloma patients, and combination therapies that are making a big difference. Join us on Sunday, October 8 […]

How Can Patients Learn About New Myeloma Treatments?

Getting the right cancer care calls for sound, up-to-date information and open dialogue with your healthcare team. As a patient, how do I stay informed about new treatments in development for multiple myeloma? What are the considerations when choosing treatment that’s right for me? In this LIVE webinar, Dr. Amrita Krishnan from City of Hope, […]

LIVE Webinar | Exercise and Nutrition Before and After Myeloma Treatment: What You Should Know

Exercise and nutrition are important components to long-term health for everyone. But as a myeloma patient, are there specific tips for exercising safely? Can incorporating simple lifestyle changes improve and maintain good bone health? This LIVE webinar, featuring physical therapist Melanie House and dietitian Alexa Welch, both from University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, will […]

Measuring My Myeloma With MRD Testing: What Is My Disease State?

Minimal residual disease (MRD) testing is a big topic of interest for many myeloma patients and care partners. What exactly is the role of MRD testing in myeloma, and is it worthwhile?  MRD testing refers to measuring the remaining amount of myeloma cells still in the patients system following therapy resulting in some actionable insights […]

Fact or Fiction? Myeloma Treatment & Side Effects

When it comes to online myeloma information, how do you separate fact from fiction? Attend this webinar with renowned myeloma expert and researcher, Dr. Irene Ghobrial, to learn the facts about current myeloma treatments, common side effects and emerging research. Watch online on Tuesday, December 17 at 10:00 am Pacific (1:00 pm Eastern, 12:00 pm Central).  REGISTER HERE […]

How Can I Get the Best Multiple Myeloma Care No Matter Where I Live?

“Myeloma patients who are African-American and Hispanic typically get to the right treatment much later. In a lot of cases they may not get to the right treatment at all. We also know that the burden of cost of care is much higher for minority patients.” -  Dr. Sikander Ailawadhi There is a critical need […]

Myeloma Treatment Decisions: What’s Right for You?

When considering multiple myeloma therapy, what determines the best treatment for YOU? In this webinar, Dr. Peter Forsberg will review key decision-making factors, considerations for combination treatment approaches and emerging myeloma research. Dr. Peter Forsberg is assistant professor of medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and is a specialist in multiple myeloma. More […]

Your Path to Empowerment: Multiple Myeloma | Testing

This Patient Empowerment Network event is the second of our Path to Empowerment Series. There are many resources for myeloma patients including websites, educational literature, expert interviews, however we often miss the patient experience. Join us for a patient-centered webinar and live Q&A session with a myeloma specialist as we discuss the role of testing […]