LCTM Mar 2016
Lung Cancer Town Meeting

Patient Empowerment Network town meetings are 5 hour interactive live patient forums produced in association with Patient Power, taking place at various large cancer specific medical centers. These meetings include a panel discussion with expert physicians, patient advocates, social workers and patients. Breakout sessions allow patients to connect and share stories with other patients and the expert panelists. A Q&A session at the end of the program allows the live audience (and the online audience) a chance to ask pertinent questions of the panelists.

These meetings are live streamed to an online audience. During the break out sessions, a designated “online host” that is present at the live meeting interviews panelists and patients specifically for the online audience, much like a TV show. Online viewers can ask panelists questions by writing them in to the online host who will then ask them during the Q&A session.

Participant surveys of these meetings are overwhelmingly positive. Attendees are enthusiastic about the format which allows them to learn a lot from the panel, ask questions during the Q&A session and meet other patients with the same cancer condition during the breakout sessions.

PEN publishes videos from these events specifically about all forms of patient empowerment. Patients tell their stories about clinical trials, lifestyle issues, how their diagnosis affects their inter-personal relationships and how they live well with their cancer diagnosis. Thank you for viewing!

This site provides general information. Please talk to your own doctor to make healthcare decisions that are right for you. Videos will be published here as they are edited.