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September 2023 Notable News

This month scientists are making strides fighting cancer in the laboratory. By altering mRNA in the lab, scientists developed a new cancer therapy that stops cancer growth. A new two […]


August 2023 Notable News

This month the key to cancer treatment for patients and doctors is knowledge. People diagnosed with cancer have protection in place for their job under The Americans with Disabilities Act. […]


July 2023 Notable News

July brings hope to cancer patients with new knowledge, leading to helpful advances in oncology. Financial complications from cancer treatments are found to influence patient mortality. A new drug focusing […]


June 2023 Notable News

June brings many challenges for cancer patients and new knowledge can help fight the disease. Insurance companies have taken the fight to the supreme court to try to avoid paying […]


May 2023 Notable News

May is an exciting month for advances in cancer treatment. Scientists have discovered a new protein in the lungs that may provide information to help treat secondary cancer tumors. Doctors […]


April 2023 Notable News

April highlights that studying how cancer cells work helps fight cancer itself.  Learning about what causes T-cell exhaustion helps scientists improve CAR T-cell therapies for cancer patients. A study done […]


March 2023 Notable News

March highlights the daily discoveries that are having a big impact on cancer treatment. Scientists have discovered ecDNA, a genetic material outside of chromosomes, that may lead to a new […]


February 2023 Notable News

February shines a light on the importance of human experience as well as science in the fight against cancer. Patient navigators, people sharing experience and knowledge with cancer patients, have […]


January 2023 Notable News

This month the focus is on cancer screening and education, both equally important in improving patient outcomes. A new metabolite has been found in urine of patients with a form […]


December 2022 Notable News

Research is a valuable tool in every aspect of cancer; prevention education, treatment advances, and effectiveness of new treatments. New research has shown that survivors of childhood cancer have a […]


November 2022 Notable News

Looking at things from a different point of view can often lead to insights to advance the treatment of cancer. Studying the genes of a unique cancer patient is helping […]


October 2022 Notable News

The month of October brings exciting legislature to help patients afford available cancer treatments. Once passed, this legislature could make cancer treatment equitable and affordable while having a profound impact […]


September 2022 Notable News

This month, researchers and scientists reveal the results from studies that are valuable tools for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Currently, they are studying the reasons why there has […]


August 2022 Notable News

August brings advances in the field of cancer treatment and detection, thanks to the partnership of scientists and physicians. Scientists persevered in their research to find a new molecule to […]


July 2022 Notable News

July brings important advances in cancer research that can lead to better patient outcomes. Research has shown that adult cancer survivors have an increased risk in developing heart disease and […]