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Prostate Cancer Research Highlights From ASCO 2022

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Prostate Cancer Research Highlights From ASCO 2022 from Patient Empowerment Network on Vimeo.

What should prostate cancer patients know about developing research? Dr. Rana McKay reviews news from the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting.

Dr. Rana McKay is a medical oncologist at UC San Diego Health and an associate professor in the Department of Medicine at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. Learn more about Dr. McKay, here.

Katherine Banwell:

ASCO was held in June. Is there news from the conference that patients should know about?  

Dr. Rana McKay:

Yeah. So, I think some of the biggest therapies in prostate cancer that was one of the newest therapies that was just FDA-approved is Lutetium PSMA. It’s a radioligand therapy that targets specifically PSMA-expressing cells. It delivers a little bit of beta radiation to those cells. That therapy was approved this past spring, and there highlights at ASCO about the utility of this therapy. And again, there’s a series of novel compounds that are being tested in prostate cancer not yet ready for prime time but a lot of exciting work that’s being done to try to get new drugs that work better for our patients.  

Katherine Banwell:

Mm-hmm. Going back to ASCO and new developments, how can patients stay informed about research developments like – like these that happen at ASCO. 

Dr. Rana McKay:

So, very – very good. I think there’s a lot of networks for people with prostate cancer. I think one like I mentioned, the prostate cancer foundation it’s a wonderful community. That really focuses on making sure that up to date, you know, evidence-based data is distributed to patients in a manner that is – that makes sense. That’s there’s not a lot of medical jargon and so I think that the PCF is really a wonderful resource. ASCO itself also has, you know, patient interfacing, you know, materials through their website.  

American Cancer Society does as well. The American Cancer Society can also be a wonderful resource for patients that are newly diagnosed or going through treatment.  

Katherine Banwell:

It seems like there’s a lot of progress and hope in the field which is good. Dr. McKay, thank you so much for taking the time to join us today.  

Dr. Rana McKay:

Of course. My pleasure.