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PEN Wins 2022 Medigy HITMC Blog of the Year Award

BOTHELL, WASHINGTON — May 11, 2022 – Patient Empowerment Network was named a 2022 Medigy HITMC Award Winner in the Blog of the Year category.

Each year, the Healthcare and IT Marketing Community (HITMC) honors individuals, teams, and organizations for outstanding marketing and PR achievements over the past year. This year a record number of nominations were received by the judging panel.

The award for Blog of the Year is given to the best blog of the past year based on quality of content, frequency of updates and overall presentation.

The Empowered Blog shares near-daily blog posts with practical, educational content for cancer patients and care partners. The blogs help empower patients with knowledge to make more informed treatment  decisions for improved quality of life and optimal health outcomes.

“Patient Empowerment Network is a shining example of what the Medigy HITMC Awards are all about,” said Colin Hung, Community Manager for HITMC. “It shows that what creative and dedicated people can do when they lean into their work and passions. As we navigate these challenging times in healthcare, we need more of this resourcefulness and ingenuity to inspire others.”

“We are thrilled to receive the 2022 Medigy HITMC Blog of the Year Award. Our Empowered Blog aims to educate and empower people with cancer and their loved ones because the best cancer care happens when patients are empowered to ask the right questions, at the right time,” said Kara Rayburn, Digital Communications and Engagement Director of Patient Empowerment Network.

For a full list of Winners and Honorees for the 2022 Medigy HITMC Awards, please visit the official awards page – https://www.hitmc.com/2022-medigy-hitmc-awards/

About Patient Empowerment Network

Patient Empowerment Network (PEN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. PEN’s mission is to fortify cancer patients and care partners with the knowledge and tools to boost their confidence, put them in control of their healthcare journey, and assist them in receiving the best, most personalized care available to ensure they have the best possible outcome.

PEN’s programs enhance patient health literacy to enable shared decision-making and provide informational and educational resources to empower patients and care partners at every step of their cancer journey. For more information, visit www.powerfulpatients.org

About The HITMC Awards

HITMC is a community – bound together by a passion for and a love of PR, communications and marketing in healthcare and Health IT. The central idea behind HITMC is to bring together all the smart, innovative and hard-working healthcare professionals so that we can learn from each other. We enable this by creating a culture where sharing, mutual respect and lifting each other up is the norm. The annual HITMC Awards are an embodiment of this ethos. They are meant to celebrate the best individuals and organizations who have elevated healthcare marketing, PR and communications in the past year. For more information, visit www.hitmc.com/awards