What’s The Fix? – Free Conference

What’s The Fix? is a conference that’s been launched as part of #WhatTheHealthCare – people kicking the hell out of health care and coming together to commit to change and is brought to you by HealthSparq.

What Is It?

A free, one-day online and in-person conference on June 14, 2017 in Cambia Grove, Seattle dedicated to those working from the outside in to change health care for the better – for everyone! You’ll hear from an amazing range of speakers including:

  • A college student who leveraged YouTube to call out a hospital’s terrible patient experience
  • A mom devoted to finding help for her sick child when she was told it wasn’t possible
  • Educators from medical schools who are breaking the mold for the future of health care

That’s not all – they’ll work hard to connect everyone who attends online and in-person to create lasting change.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with an interest in fixing health care is welcome to attend either virtually or in-person! They believe their conference speakers and panelists will relate to everyone, but those who many find the most inspiration are people already demanding change: parents, caregivers, patients, patient advocate, AND those who can commit to making changes based on what they hear at the event: providers, health system professionals, insurance executives and others inside the health care system. 

What Will You Gain?

An understand of how a single person can drive change in health care, real tools to make positive changes and inspiration to start your own change movement! You’ll also connect with an amazing community of fellow attendees that will stay engaged into the future through continued events, a LinkedIn group, and Tweet chats!

Be sure to join our Empowered #patientchat – Finding Your Tribe this Friday, June 9th on Twitter at 1pm ET where we’ll discuss health communities or tribes with special guest HealthSparq.


Coming Soon

Please check back soon as we work to build more resources.