The goal of PEN’s TelemEDucation Empowerment Resource Center is to significantly improve patients’ and caregivers’ familiarity with remote access to healthcare, and thus increase quality of care regardless of geographical location. 

This one-of-a-kind resource center is intended to educate the cancer community on the practical usage of telemedicine tools, to humanize patient and provider experiences.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer TelemEDucation Tips
Will Telemedicine Be an Equalizer for Patients Experiencing Bias
Is Telemedicine an Advantage for Low-Risk Breast Cancer Patients
Which Breast Cancer Patients Benefit Most From Telemedicine Visits
What Opportunities Does Telemedicine Present For Breast Cancer Patients

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

How to Make the Most of a Virtual Visit
A Complete Breakdown of Telemedicine
Financial Resources for Patients and Families
Remote Monitoring
Will Telemedicine Improve My Quality of Life with CLL?

Head & Neck Cancer

Telemedicine & Second Opinion Options
Financial Resources for Patients and Families
Tips for a Telemedicine Visit From a Head and Neck Cancer Expert
Do Telephone-Only Visits Qualify As a Telemedicine Visit

Multiple Myeloma

How Can We Address Noted Disparities in Multiple Myeloma?
How Can Myeloma Patients Take Disease Ownership and Connect With Resources?
Why is Multiple Myeloma Diagnosed Much Later in BIPOC Patients?
Why Is Multiple Myeloma Nearly Twice As Common in BIPOC Communities?
Is MGUS More Prevalent in BIPOC Communities?

Myeloproliferative Neoplams (MPNs)

Emerging Novel Technologies and Therapies for MPN Care
Experts Share Best Practices for Telemedicine in MPN Care
What Are Risks and Rewards of Telemedicine in MPN Care
How Is Personalized Medicine in MPN Care Influenced by Telemedicine
How Is MPN Care Influenced by Technology (AI, CRISPR)?

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer TelemEDicine ToolBox Visit Checklist
What Is Precision Medicine for Prostate Cancer?
New Developments in Prostate Cancer Care
Are Mobile-Optimized Tools Making an Impact in Prostate Cancer?