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Clinical Trial MythBusters

Actionable Advice and Resources for Knocking Down Obstacles to Trial Participation

Clinical trials offer tomorrow’s medicine today, but more often than not, only a small fraction of patients ultimately enroll in a trial due to barriers posed by financial logistics, distrust and travel, to name a few.  In result, a number of trials fail due to insufficient enrollment triggered by these obstacles that make participating a challenge. How do we remove obstacles, clearing the way for patients to have more access to clinical trials? How can both doctors and patients work together to drive research forward? What actionable advice can patients lean on when seeking a trial? 

In this MythBusters program, we will examine the barriers to enrollment, evaluate patient needs and discuss resources to help guide people through the clinical trial process. We will also be taking your questions while answering many others.

Register to join us Wednesday, August 29th @ Noon Pacific/3 PM Eastern to learn:

  • What obstacles prevent patients from participating in trials?
  • What financial resources are available to patients before/during trials?
  • Are there grants available to assist with traveling logistics?
  • Are site-less trials the future?

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