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What Do Telegenetic Consultations Mean for MPN Patients?

What Do Telegenetic Consultations Mean for MPN PAtients? from Patient Empowerment Network on Vimeo.

Myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN) patients have a telegenetic consultation as another option that has emerged for the telemedicine toolbox. Watch to learn about telegenetic consultations, what they mean for MPN patients, and future developments.

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Telegenetic consultations are those that can be carried out via telemedicine with genetic counselors. With the rise of genetic mutations playing a factor in cancer care and treatment decisions, it’s a natural progression for telegenetic consultations to become another option in the telemedicine tool box that protects patients from exposure to viruses and potential infections and saves them valuable time, energy, and travel costs.

With personalized medicine becoming an integral part of MPN patient care that analyze genetic mutations like JAK2 mutations and MPL mutations, telegenetic consultations make sense as another part of the tools for MPN care. The future of MPN care looks brighter with these virtual care options as part of the equation.

A form of tattoos called e-skins have now emerged as part of remote health monitoring. Used for detecting physical and electrical functions including heart, muscle, and brain activity, e-skins have shown reliability in monitoring tests even under body stress situations like sweating and while consuming spicy foods.

Please remember to ask your healthcare team what may be right for you.