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Healthy Habits to Help Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a chronic condition. A chronic condition is one that is persistent and pervasive — it is hard to shake and can take over one’s life. Addiction cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be well-managed to a point where substance abuse can have less of an impact. This is what recovery is all […]

Out of the O.R., Ready for Recovery

Even a simple procedure requires preparation for a successful recovery. Don’t go it alone, and don’t fail to plan ahead. You’ve made the scary decision to move forward with an invasive medical procedure. Your date is set and your doctor has explained the pros and cons. While you might think all that’s left to do […]

6 Nutrition Tips to Protect Your Brain and Balance Your Mood

With 25 percent of adults and 10 percent of children experiencing mental illness each year and major depression burgeoning into a leading cause of disability around the world, it’s easy to feel stressed about the state of stress. However, recent research is revealing a new line of defense against mood disorders that’s a little bit […]