Patient Empowerment Network Programs

By participating in Patient Empowerment Network programs, cancer patients, care partners, and/or healthcare professionals will be able to…


This program will provide patients and care partners with tools to feel activated and connect with resources to help overcome barriers to accessing care and bridging gaps in underrepresented communities. 

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Care Partner Toolkit: CAR-T Cell Therapy

Caring for a loved one who is undergoing or has received CAR T-cell therapy presents unique challenges. The Care Partner Toolkit: CAR T-Cell Therapy series equips care partners support their loved one—and yourself—while collaborating and communicating with the patient’s healthcare team.

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Pro-Active Patient Toolkit

digital sherpa™ Train-the-Trainer

This program provides digital literacy skills training to older cancer patients and underrepresented communities across the U.S. by building the capacity of community-based organizations (CBOs) to deliver educational workshops through a ‘Train-the-Trainer’ initiative of our established digital sherpa™ program. 

Program Versions:

digital sherpa™ Program

Empowering Providers to Empower Patients (EPEP)

This program will provide healthcare providers/professionals with the tools to feel empowered about shared decision making and connect patients in underrepresented communities with resources to help them overcome barriers to accessing care and improving their cancer outcomes. 

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Empowerment Leads

Our Empowerment Leads are passionate volunteers from all over the country who have been impacted by a cancer diagnosis in various ways. The Empowerment Leads provide support to others who are facing a cancer diagnosis by creating up-to-date and personalized content and encouraging connection through various platforms including PEN’s support text-line, email, and social media. 

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Empowerment Leads

Equity Rx for Community Wellness

This program provides actionable insights on how to improve cancer care for all patients by focusing on meaningful coping techniques that help maximize their well-being. 

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Equity Rx, Cancer Care for the Whole Patient


For cancer patients at any stage of their journey, EVOLVE will provide patients and care partners with an understanding of the importance and benefits of new therapies, clinical trial participation, and research. Everyone’s cancer is different, so it’s vital to understand that research has evolved, and personalized medicine is becoming more and more prevalent. By raising patients’ awareness of the latest research and treatments, they will feel well-informed when discussing newer therapies and clinical trials with their healthcare team. 

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Biomarker testing is a vital tool at every stage of a cancer journey—not just at the point of diagnosis. The INSIST! Program will provide you with an understanding of how biomarker testing can help you to make informed decisions and achieve the best possible outcome for your diagnosis and treatment. 

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The START HERE program bridges the expert and patient voice, enabling patients to ask treatment questions of their healthcare team with precision. The goal of this program is to use PEN’s robust resource library to help patients create a treatment plan that’s right for them. With health literacy in mind, START HERE provides clear, concise, and digestible information about specific cancer care questions, creating actionable pathways for getting the most out of treatment. 

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As an expansion to THRIVE 2022, the THRIVE program seeks to holistically engage patients in their care and treatment decisions. By providing patients with the tools to understand their diagnosis and navigate their care, they will feel informed and educated when collaborating with their team to make key decisions. 

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