Patient Empowerment Network Inclusion Policy

Updated April 2021

The Patient Empowerment Network (PEN) is committed to inclusivity in all levels of our organization, governing staff, the Board, volunteers, business partners and all external stakeholders, to deliver on our mission on behalf of cancer patients and their care partners.  

Internally, the foundation on which PEN serves our purpose starts with the configuration of our body of representatives. PEN pledges that our leadership and employees comprise voices and backgrounds to reflect the diverse membership we aim to serve. Furthermore, this foundation includes all policy setting and decision making that dictates the content PEN disseminates, to align with diverse and inclusive values. Externally, PEN exercises inclusivity by pledging unlimited access to our content and resources to all people in the make-up of our membership and professional affiliations within the community. 

PEN collaborates with all peopleregardless of race, national origin, language, cultural values, religion, political ideology, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental or physical abilities, education or socioeconomic status. The commitment to such a foundation of inclusivity enriches the values and goals of our representatives and the communities that we serve. 

This policy serves as a north star for Patient Empowerment Network as well as a constant reminder that while policies govern an organization’s behavior, it is the actions we will take to ensure positive and measurable steps toward implementing high-impact solutions to reduce disparities in addition to increasing the range of diversity in our staff, board, volunteers, partnersall external stakeholders, and in the production and distribution of our programs that will make the most meaningful difference to true inclusion.