Let’s Partner to Improve Cancer Outcomes

Together, we can achieve your business goals, while helping people in need.

As a sponsor of the Patient Empowerment Network, you can demonstrate your company’s commitment to improving cancer outcomes and health equity, while connecting with our diverse and engaged constituents.

We recognize our corporate sponsors within our programs through

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Examples of programs available for sponsorship include:

Empowered Wellness Challenge

A fundraiser to improve health equity & treatment outcomes for people living with cancer. powerfulpatients.org/ewc-sponsorship

digital sherpa™
(Health Equity/Health Literacy/Empowerment)

Trains community-based and healthcare organizations to deliver digital literacy skills training. Through digital and in-person workshops held throughout the U.S., older and underserved patients and caregivers learn from student volunteers how to use online resource to improve their health and treatment outcomes. To-date, this program has empowered more than 5,500 individuals across America. https://bit.ly/2MXdWNn

Pro-Active Patient Toolkits
(Health literacy/Empowerment)

Downloadable materials that help newly-diagnosed patients and their care partners communicate effectively with healthcare teams. Empowerment tools and resources to help newly-diagnosed patients and care partners find their voice following a cancer diagnosis. https://bit.ly/3sgpdZv

RMC Invisible No More
(Health Equity/Awareness)

Promotes awareness of Renal Medullary Carcinoma (RMC) and its disproportionate effect on carriers of Sickle Cell Trait by helping to raise understanding of the intersections between health equity and racism to eliminate disparities in health outcomes. https://bit.ly/31fTRG0

TelemEDucation Resource Center – 2.0
(COVID response/Access/Health Equity)

Peering through a health equity lens, the TelemEDucation program was developed in 2020 in response to the global pandemic with the goal of significantly improving patients’ and care partners’ familiarity with remote access to healthcare. The program focuses on educating patients on the practical usage of telemedicine tools that humanize the experience with patients and providers.

Now that telemedicine has more broad application, the TelemEDucation 2.0 program expands on this foundation by engaging program participants in: keeping telemedicine in your toolbox post-Covid; how and why?, an exploration of the digital health landscape, and mobile-optimized tools for connecting to specialized cancer care. https://bit.ly/3psUdVi

Fact or Fiction? | Clinical Trials 101 (Pan Cancer)
(Clinical Trials/Access/Health Equity)

Clinical trials are essential to advancing cancer research, but there are many misconceptions and fears about trials that can make people hesitate to participate. Fact or Fiction? debunks myths about clinical trials and raises awareness about the benefits of participation in clinical research. Through expert interviews, animated videos, and resource guides, patients and care partners gain a better understanding of clinical trials, giving them the knowledge and confidence to have a well-informed discussion with their healthcare team about treatment options. Topics include: How to find a trial that’s right for you, understanding clinical trial phases, common patient concerns, such as “I will be treated like a guinea pig,” boosting your clinical trial vocabulary, overcoming inequities to access treatment, and navigating obstacles to clinical trials access.

(Health literacy/Testing/Empowerment)

Empowers patients and care partners to insist on appropriate testing and personalized treatment options. Elevates health literacy through videos on how testing can affect outcomes, webinars with experts on the role of genetics in treatment, a Take Action Guide to bring to doctor’s appointments, and more. https://bit.ly/31Dmhgy

Getting the Best Care No Matter Where You Live
(Health Literacy/Clinical Trials/Health Equity)

An advocacy and empowerment program for patients, care partners and families facing a cancer diagnosis where many factors, including age, ethnicity, geography, socioeconomic status, gender and insurance type may impact disease management. Building on the success of the 2021 launch of this program, 2022’s focus shifts to clinical trials as a path to equity and receiving the best care, debunking trial myths, and providing actionable steps for connecting to patient-centered care and patient/care partner navigation on the path to empowerment. https://bit.ly/3y0SgDF

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Capacity Building:
Empowering Providers to Empower Patients (EPEP)
(Access/Health Equity)

Focusing on Federally Qualified Health Centers, PEN intends to expand the reach of our resources for empowerment and shared decision making to all patients, especially those being treated outside of academic or comprehensive cancer centers. PEN is endeavoring to partner with FQHCs to ensure that all patients and families have access to and feel confident using empowerment and health literacy resources.

We would be glad to tailor a custom recognition package for your organization.

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