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CLL Support Association Meeting

Dr George A Follows MA PhD BM BCh MRCP FRCPath, will headline an educational programme with a talk that provides an overview of current CLL management, treatment & care.
This will explore:

• The changing CLL treatment horizon and the landscape of CLL clinical trials
• How UK CLL is approaching the opportunities and the challenges this is creating including what this means for CLLSA members now and into the future
• How members can better live with the challenges that their own CLL pathway presents.

The day will begin with coffee and registration between 10 &10.30am and is broken with lunch and afternoon tea. All refreshments are provided without charge. A more detailed programme details will be forwarded soon. Click this link to see travel information.
This is the first meeting of the CLLSA in Cambridge and the Anglia region and we hope this will attract many from this area and wider afield who wish to meet with us and enjoy Cambridge in June.
To register for the meeting:

E-mailing Sarah at membership@cllsupport.org.uk 
Telephoning 0800 977 4396 and leave a message
Or writing to CLL Support Association, 39-40 Eagle Street, London, WC1R 4TH.
Membership is free

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting on the 21st of June.

For further information including parking, hotel, etc. and Travel Bursary information see documentCambridge Meeting Invitation