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September 2023 Notable News

This month scientists are making strides fighting cancer in the laboratory. By altering mRNA in the lab, scientists developed a new cancer therapy that stops cancer growth. A new two system approach using CART Tcell therapy has also been developed as a cancer treatment. Finally, and equally as important, a recent study reveals a surge in people under the age of 50 are being diagnosed with cancer, showing the need for further action.

Scientists Develop New Cancer Therapy that Stop Tumor Growth in Its Tracks

Researchers from Purdue University have developed a novel cancer treatment that deceives cancer cells into absorbing a snippet of RNA that naturally blocks cell division. A study recently published in Oncogene reveals that over a 21-day. Tumor subjected to this treatment remained unchanged in size, whereas untreated tumors grew threefold reports SciTechDaily. This treatment also causes suppression of three other genes that cause cancers to grow and resist other treatments. Micro RNA-34a was modified in a lab to not be broken down by the body rapidly. The modified mRNA-34a is not detected or destroyed by the immune system. It is attached to folate, a vitamin that binds to all cells. Cancer cells have more folate receptors than other cells. MRNA 34a is drawn into cancer cells where it slows cell division. This cancer therapy is currently in mouse trials. Click here for full story.

Two-pronged Immunotherapy Approach Could Treat Most Blood Cancers

Working in mice, the scientists sicced the immune cells on a protein common to nearly all cancerous blood cells. Because that protein is also found on normal blood forming stem cells, The team also replaced those vital cells with ones genetically tweaked to be invisible to the cancer fighters. comma protecting them from onslaught reports Science. In mice, they used this CAR Tcell approach to treat AML (Acute myeloid leukemia). Scientists develop CART Tcells with a receptor for certain cancer cells and inject them into the cancer patient. This type of therapy is used for five types of blood cancers. Normal blood cells carry a certain gene that is also in the cancer cells, so scientists have altered the CART Tcells genetic code to avoid harming the normal blood cells. They can use the CART Tcell therapy and stem cell transplant for effective treatment. Further animal testing is upcoming. This treatment could be developed as a broader treatment for blood cancers. Click here for full story.

Researchers See Surge in Number of People Under 50 Diagnosed with Cancer

Globally, new cancer cases among people younger than 50 increased by 79.1% from 1990 to 2019, according to a new study published in BMJ Oncology. The number of early onset cancer deaths also increased by 27.7% from 1990 to 2019 reports The Hill. Breast, tracheal, lung, stomach and colorectal cancers have the highest mortality rate. Nasopharyngeal and prostate cancers showed the fastest increase in numbers. The results of this study show the importance of the need for targeted early detection measures. It also revealed increased risk factors in dietary choices, alcohol use, and tobacco use. Lifestyle factors such as air pollution, early life environmental exposures, and gut microbiome are all being studied. Early onset cancer numbers are also on the rise, due to early screening. Click here for the full story.