Why Should Patients Be Hopeful About AML Treatment Options?

Why Should Patients Be Hopeful About AML Treatment Options?

Why Should Patients Be Hopeful About AML Treatment Options? from Patient Empowerment Network on Vimeo.

Registered nurse Mayra Lee explains why AML patients should be optimistic, emphasizing the positive impact of recent treatment approvals and personalized medicine. Download the Find Your Voice Resource Guide here

Mayra Lee, RN, is an outpatient clinic nurse at Moffitt Cancer Center. More about the expert here.

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Mayra Lee:

Other advice that I have for AML patients or reasons to be optimistic is a lot has happened in the last three years in AML that hasn’t happened in 30 years. There has been a lot of drugs that just recently got approved. There has been a lot of research. Cancer itself is moving in leaps and bounds and it’s incredible what’s happening actually in our centers and the academic centers with research and clinical research and personalized medicine based on the cytogenetics of the diseases.

There’s so much of that going on and there is so much focus on that that there is a lot of hope. Recently, in the last two years or so, there have been at least five or six medications approved for AML that didn’t exist before in the market. So, it gives hope to other patients that didn’t have hope before. And clinical trials give hope to those patients as well. We can’t promise you any results on a clinical trial but there’s certainly a medication or a treatment that wasn’t available to you beforehand or that wasn’t available if it’s not outside of the setting of a clinical trial. So, keep optimistic. Keep thinking that you’re going to beat this because if you come into this arena of AML feeling defeated that is going to reflect, actually, on everything.

Patients that have a great attitude, have a positive attitude, think that I’m here, we’re going to do this together do the best.