How to Care from Afar

How to Care from Afar

This video was originally published on YouTube on March 7, 2019 by Family Caregiver Alliance.

One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks many caregivers face is the coordination of care for their loved one. This is especially true for long-distance caregiving. This webinar will illustrate the challenges and suggest potential solutions for long-distance caregivers. Examples will be used from a case study of an elderly person facing decline and living 400 miles away from her primary caregiver.

The personal, financial, medical, social, and legal needs of the person being cared for, along with potential red flags, will be discussed in addition to tips for making these big decisions. The overall focus of this webinar will be about how to maintain the independence, dignity, quality of life, and happiness of the person for whom care is being provided.


  • Recognize changes and unmet needs of a loved one with a chronic and progressive illness
  • Identify helpful resources and technology
  • Create an action plan to ensure follow through to improve the caregiving situation

Speaker: Ladi Markham, RN, BSN, MA, CCM Ladi Markham holds degrees in nursing, gerontology, and hospitality. Ms. Markham has worked in home care for five years and long-term care communities for 10 years. She has experience in several aspects of aging and uses them to promote wellness and high standards for the quality of life for her clients and families.