Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Diagnosis & Prognosis

What Every Cancer Caregiver Should Know, With Kaycee Carmichael

This podcast was originally published on WE Have Cancer Show by Lee Silverstein on May 21, 2019, here.

Kaycee and Jane Carmichael – WE Have Cancer




In 2016 Kaycee Carmichael’s mother was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. Though her mother died only four months after her diagnosis, Kaycee learned some valuable lessons about life as a cancer caregiver as well as dealing with grief.

We discussed:

  • Her Mother’s life as a teacher and the incredible impact she left on her students.
  • How her mom came to be diagnosed.
  • How she managed the challenges of a cancer caregiver and some helpful tips and advice for other caregivers.
  • How she deals with the grief from her mom’s passing.

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