CLL Patient Cafe™

Would you like to connect with other CLL patients virtually? Patient Empowerment Network is launching Patient Cafés™, online "meet-ups" held several times throughout the year. Using simple, available technology and through the guidance of a trained patient host, you’ll have the chance to meet other patients and to share stories, views and insights. Our first Patient […]

Hope and Progress for Multiple Myeloma

The landscape of multiple myeloma treatment and research is constantly evolving. Researchers are more hopeful than ever about the options for treatment and understanding of this complex disease. The latest advances in research are making a difference and improving the lives of those living with multiple myeloma. On Saturday, July 11, in Houston, TX Patient […]

Clinical Trial MythBusters – LIVE Webinar

Are Clinical Trials a Last Resort Treatment Option? Are clinical trials only for patients who run out of treatment options? Watch online and ask our expert panel questions as they debunk common myths around clinical trial participation. Tune in to hear the patient perspective and expert advice for making decisions about clinical trials. You can […]

LIVE Webinar: Clinical Trial MythBusters

What Is the Value of Diversity in Clinical Trials? Are diversity, gender, age and ethnicity important in clinical trials? Mel Mann (pictured above), a 20+ year survivor of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) thinks so. In 1995, Mel was told he needed to get his affairs in order, as he was given only three years to […]