Ask the CLL Expert – LIVE

Do you have a question for a chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) expert? On Thursday, September 27 at 12 PM Pacific Time (2 PM CT, 3 PM ET), we are hosting a LIVE, 30-minute “Ask the Expert” session with leading CLL specialist Dr. Jeff Sharman from Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center. Don’t miss this opportunity to […]

Ask the CLL Expert – LIVE

Do you have a burning question for an expert in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)? Join Patient Power and the Patient Empowerment Network on Monday, November 19 at 3 PM Eastern time (2 PM CT, 12 PM PT) for a LIVE, 30-minute “Ask the Expert” session with CLL specialist Dr. Richard Furman, Director of the CLL Research Center at Weill Cornell Medicine. Don’t […]

Ask the Expert: What Should CLL Patients Know About Their Blood Work?

Patients and care partners will have an opportunity to connect directly with world-renowned chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) experts to voice questions about the condition during a 30-minute LIVE “Ask the Expert” webinar. Guest experts Dr. Susan Leclair and Dr. Justin Taylor will be taking audience questions and discussing how to understand testing with CLL, how […]

Fact or Fiction? CLL Treatment and Side Effects

When searching for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) information online, how do you know what’s credible? In this webinar, Dr. Javier Pinilla-Ibarz, will review current CLL treatments, emerging research and common side effects to help you decipher fact from fiction. Watch online on Tuesday, September 17 at 11:00 am Pacific (2:00 pm Eastern, 1:00 pm Central)  . Register Now […]

Fact or Fiction? CLL Causes & Symptoms

“Will I need treatment if I don’t have symptoms?”  “Did weed killer cause my CLL?”  In this webinar, Dr. Kerry Rogers will provide facts about CLL causes and symptoms and share updates on treatment advances. Learn tips for identifying trustworthy resources so you can be an educated patient. Watch online on Thursday, October 10th at 10am PT (1:00 pm Eastern, 12:00 […]

Is It Time to Treat Your CLL? What You Need to Know

When it’s time to move forward with a chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) treatment plan, what determines the best therapy for YOU?  In this INSIST! CLL webinar, Dr. Susan O’Brien, will review key decision-making factors, current CLL treatments and emerging research.   Watch online on Tuesday, August 18 at 1 PM Eastern (10 AM PT, 12 PM CT) for […]

How Can You Access the Latest CLL Treatment Options?

Could a new or emerging chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) treatment be right for you? In this 30-minute webinar, Dr. Anthony Mato will review current and emerging CLL treatment approaches, important decision-making considerations, and the ins and outs of clinical trials. The Pro-Active CLL Patient Toolkit is brought to you by the Patient Empowerment Network. It […]

Choosing an MPN Treatment: What Option Is Best for You?

When choosing an MPN treatment, there are many variables: Do you have ET, PV or MF? What are your symptoms? In this 30-minute webinar, Dr. Brady Stein will review key decision-making factors to consider, review current treatments for ET, PV and MF, and share advice on advocating for yourself. Watch online on Tuesday, October 13 at 1 PM […]

CLL Treatment: Finding the Best Option for YOU

How could genetic testing results impact your chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) treatment options and overall care? In this INSIST! CLL webinar, Dr. Jennifer Woyach will discuss essential molecular testing and provide tools for self-advocacy and decision making.  Dr. Jennifer Woyach is a hematologist-oncologist specializing in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) at Ohio State's Comprehensive Cancer Center […]

How to Play an Active Role in Your CLL Treatment Decisions

How can you partner with your healthcare team to feel confident in your CLL decisions? In this webinar, Dr. Matthew Davids will discuss CLL treatment approaches, developing research and tools for partnering with your healthcare team. Watch online on Tuesday, March 30 at 1 PM Eastern (10 AM PT, 12 PM CT) for a 30-minute webinar. Register Now Guest […]

Increasing Treatment Access for Every CLL Patient No Matter Location

How can CLL patients get the best treatment no matter where they live?  In this live webinar hosted by CLL expert Dr. Farrukh Awan, a panel will share practical tools to help improve access to treatments and provide tips encouraging self-advocacy, empowerment, and equal-access settings.  Join us online on Wednesday, April 21st, 3:00-3:45 PM Eastern […]