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Knowledge Is
Your Superpower


Don’t let your cancer diagnosis claim control of your life. Whether you are recently diagnosed or adjusting to life post-treatment, you possess more power than you realize. Patients and care partners who take an active role in their healthcare and treatment decisions have better overall outcomes.

How do you begin confidently advocating for your best path forward?

Knowledge is the key. Knowledge is your superpower. The Patient Empowerment Network (PEN) is here to help you.

Not everyone’s experience with cancer is the same. People approach it in different ways, face different struggles and find different ways of coping. But there are common points along the cancer journey that being your own self-advocate, or advocating on behalf of someone else, can make a huge difference in the care that is received and, ultimately, help influence a more positive outcome.

Using the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Experience Map as our guide, we created our Path to Empowerment Framework to help patients and care partners find their voice. In order to find your voice you need access to information contained within these six categories to be prepared to ask the right questions at the right time.

Featuring original content alongside curated material from our trusted partners, the Patient Empowerment Network provides you with easy-to-understand, reliable information and resources along every step of the Path to Empowerment Framework. We strive to mentor cancer patients and care partners through the entire journey from diagnosis and testing, treatment, financial options, recovery, and everything in between. You will find programs, experts, peers, and free downloadable resources, as well as updates on the latest trends and developments in cancer care.

Become empowered. Let PEN help.

Path to Empowerment

Newly Diagnosed
Treatment and Clinical Trials
Access & Affordability
Whole Patient Support
What's Next

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