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How Can We Work with Grassroots Organizations?

How Can We Work with Grassroots Organizations? from Patient Empowerment Network on Vimeo.

Dr. Judith Flores of the National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) defines grassroots organizations and shares examples on how to work with them to provide trusted resources.

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Sasha Tanori:

Can you briefly describe what a grassroots organization is? 

Judith Flores:

That is an interesting definition to come up with by someone like me, I think what I refer to are people that are working on the ground, people that are working, that have developed their organization, their structure from the community itself. They have within that community, the resources to organize to communicate and to provide other resources to their neighbors and larger community. 

Sasha Tanori: Can you give us an example on how to work with grassroots organizations to better provide everyday trusted resources?   

Judith Flores: Yes, of course. I’ve been doing a lot of work this year related to vaccine engagement and understanding of the COVID vaccine in communities, and I would have been able… I would not have been able to do any of this work without the community-based partners that you call grassroots organizations. I work with community-based partners that are faith-based, that are community-based within regions, and they are always the people that provide the bridge to that community and the entree to be able to be accepted and trusted when I’m giving my messages mostly around COVID vaccination.